Homemade Solutions To Remove Pimples Overnight

Gentlemen can have some pimples in their faces as well. Unlike women, men are not vain and beauty conscious. Whenever they see a pimple in their face, they might just forget about it and never turn to expensive beauty regimens. In general, pimples are not alarming. However, having one can affect the overall appearance. Furthermore, whenever a pimple is left untreated, it might get irritated and scars can possibly appear. As such, it is still best to treat pimples even how small it is. Luckily, there are several doable hacks that men can try in their homes. Check out these homemade solutions for men to help solve the pimples overnight:

Exfoliator with Coffee and Honey

One facial Surry Hills hack to try is a homemade exfoliator of coffee and honey. Coffee is popular worldwide not only with its ability to improve the energy levels but also due to its anti-swelling properties. As such, it can heal pimples in the skin immediately. To do this, put some ground coffee, honey, and few drops of water in a clean bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until it creates a paste from it. Thereafter, apply a small amount of the exfoliator in the pimples for about 20 minutes. As it dries, cleanse it with warm water.

Powdered Aspirin

Almost all homes have at least a bottle of aspirin in their cabinets. Aspirins are useful for solving acne problems too! Aspirins are pain-killers, thus, it can help reduce the swelling of the pimples. Also, it aids with the regular flow of the blood in the body. To do this, have a few pieces of aspirin and grind it into pieces. Then mix a few drops of water on it. Mix it well until it creates a paste. Apply the aspirin paste in the pimples after cleaning the face or even after waxing. Let it stay for an hour or until it dries out.

Rejuvenate With Tea Tree Oil

Try as well taking one drop of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is famous for its healing properties without any side-effects. To do this, soak the cotton ball on the tea tree oil, dab it on the pimple, and keep it for 20 minutes. After which, take the cotton ball and air dry the oil on the skin. Surely, the pimple will heal by itself overnight.

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